TEG Analytics Case Studies


Data analytics is now at the epicentre of marketing and that’s why our Genome Live™ product is such an exciting development for marketers and brands across the spectrum.

Genome Live™ provides a unique insight to what excites, engages and motivates consumer behaviour and choices.

TEG Analytics has developed expertise in analysis of customer attributes by mapping the entertainment preferences of more than 10 million Australians in a data science project of significant scale and insight.

Extensive consumer insights through data matching, audience definitions and customer profiling and analysis will allow brands a dynamic view of how to best engage their target audiences.

As a Case Study of how Genome Live™  can unlock the value of customer data, let’s take a look at the Intel Extreme Masters esports tournament held at Sydney’s Qudos Bank Arena in May 2017.

The event attracted 15,000 fans from a demographic that skewed to males 18 to 24 years of age, the prime gaming audience.

The Dashboard reveals how the data provides fascinating insights once analysed using Genome Live™ 

What does Genome Live™  tell us about the esports audience in Australia?


The esports audience is male-dominated and over-represented by millennials. The TEG Analytics eSport Genome shows that 84% of the audience is male, compared with 44% of the general ticket buying population in Australia.

46% of esports fans spent more than $1000 on gaming products in the past 12 months, with over 30 retail brands used which is perhaps a reflection of the high-end peripherals purchased by the 72% of esports fans that have built their own PC.

Unsurprisingly, YouTube/Vevo dominates their social media use, with 87% using it daily closely followed by Facebook (84%), although YouTube has a higher level of engagement with 78% using it several times a day compared to 63% for Facebook.

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