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Exceptional customer
insights and data analytics

TEG Analytics is one of Australia’s leading data analytical and data science businesses.

With one of the largest customer databases in Australia and more than 14 million customer records, TEG Analytics understands the passions and motivations of almost every adult consumer. The data points span sports, music, arts, culture and family entertainment. While having a similar scale to Facebook and Google, it is the insights from our transactional data that set TEG Analytics apart from every other data services provider in the market.

TEG Analytics has launched LIFE Segments™, TEG’s proprietary behavioural, psychographic customer segmentation for the Australian market.

In an Australian-first, LIFE Segments™ delivers new, powerful insights about customers across all industries by analysing millions of transactions across the live economy. LIFE Segments™ turns fan data into actionable customer segments for the broader market.

LIFE Segments™ has seven distinct segments, categorising people’s leisure activities, interests and financial engagement, as well as providing insights into their event affinities, motivations and lifestyle preferences. LIFE Segments™ emphasises psychology or mindset and provides unique insight into audiences that goes beyond demographics.

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On launching LIFE Segments™, TEG’s General Manager of Analytics and Insights Andrew Reid said: “LIFE Segments™ is a game-changer for the market research industry, providing clients and brands with invaluable customer insights based upon actual consumer behaviour as expressed through their discretionary spending, and not just survey data.

“Using the expertise of both TEG Analytics and TEG Insights, LIFE Segments™ has created an innovative and powerful market research tool for Australian businesses to measure a customer’s lifestyle preferences and passions across entertainment and sports,” concluded Reid.

Genome Live™ is TEG Analytics’ customer attribute analyser that has mapped the entertainment preferences of more than 14 million Australians in a data science project of significant scale and insight.

See the power of Genome Live™ – view Infographic here

TEG Analytics helps brands and agencies better understand the purchase motivations of their existing customers from a retention perspective. The exceptional customer insights and data analytics also help find new high value customers from an acquisition perspective, therefore delivering cost efficiencies across media spend as well as delivering new revenues from higher value customers.

Extensive consumer insights through data matching, audience definitions and customer profiling and analysis will giveg brands a dynamic view of how to best engage their target audiences.

DATA ANALYTICS: helps you find new high-value customers

TEG Analytics codifies these affinities and transactions into actionable data points used by the world’s leading marketing technology platforms. These data points can be deployed in their own right via owned, paid and earned digital channels, as well as in conjunction with existing media planning capabilities for above the line media investment.

Australia’s largest data science project

Areas of expertise include:

• CRM Matching and Augmentation for customer retention
• High Value Look-a-Like modelling and customer acquisition
• Audiences Design and Media Planning delivering substantial cost efficiencies and greater ROI
• Technology Skills across – Adobe, Salesforce, Google, Facebook, SAP, Amazon, Tableau

Every day consumers are faced with an overwhelming number of choices. While price and product are still very important differentiators, it is now the ability to understand the customer experience that truly sets remarkable marketeers apart from the rest.

TEG Analytics has undertaken Australia’s largest data science project and revealed the ‘Entertainment Gene’ driving the leisure lifestyle choices of Australians. The unique TEG Analytics project mapped the preferences of more than 10+ million Australians, a data science project of unprecedented scale and insight.

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